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19 September 2017, Southampton
12 December 2017, London...

LinkedIn is the default platform of the business professionals around the world. It is regularly used to source information, for due diligence and to prove expertise levels in advance of engaging potential suppliers. For example research has already identified in the IT space that 64% of a decision is made by online and word of mouth before they even speak to a supplier! We often donít realise that our LinkedIn personal and company profiles could be closing the door to opportunities before we even know about them and all because we never thought about it ... until now.

The advanced functionality on company profiles is impressive. You can actually configure certain aspects of your company profile to suit the viewer. For example, how to segment and personalise the appearance of your company updates so they more closely match the needs of individual viewers.

LinkedIn can also tell you a lot about the companies youíd like to work with, who the companyís competitors are and so much more. All this useful data can make a huge difference when approaching potential clients or completing tenders to win their business.